Matooro Academy

The ICCIUK is glad to present the Matooro Academy, organised by RC Group in partnership with the ICCIUK and the European School of Economics.

Matooro Academy will launch in January 2022 and aims at training young professionals through a six-month educational programme designed to shape their skills in the hospitality sector.

Sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Italy, the General Consulate of Italy and FIPE, the programme enables restaurants to host, for up to 35 hours per week, 2 to 5 students who will help during the service while learning the secrets of hospitality.

During the week, students will also attend English classes to improve their language skills, WSET courses (L2 & L3), and theory classes to discover how to manage the back office and what the management duties are, from writing a business plan and understanding hygiene and safety regulations in the UK, to designing menu and managing the staff.

Thanks to the collaboration with some of the most renowned entrepreneurs, Chefs, and Sommeliers, the Matooro Academy will provide a unique opportunity to these students. Twelve professionals, among which are Chef Giorgio Locatelli, Master of Wine Michael Panji, and entrepreneur Roberto Costa, will share their experience and give an invaluable insight to the students.

Each student will benefit from a package that includes accommodation, Oyster card, tutor, and the above classes.

If your restaurant is interested in being part of this programme and hosting students, please get in touch to get more information.

Your enquiry will be forwarded to Camilla Cairo.