Legal Entity Identifyer (LEI) with our Member InfoCamere

InfoCamere is the Italian Chambers of Commerce digital innovation company. It creates state-of-the-art technological services that support the Chambers of Commerce to respond to the needs of businesses, professionals and citizens in the face of continual evolutions to economic and regulatory systems.

Since 1996 it has managed the Business Register, one of the first fully computerised registers in Europe and a national public economic database. By digitising Chamber of Commerce information it provides businesses, professionals, citizens and the Public Administration with the ability to access the Business Register with ease, both to carry out the administrative operations required by law, and to access the public information it contains.

For years, InfoCamere has also been supporting Italian businesses in management of the LEI Code, providing a fast, secure and high quality service. The LEI (Legal Entity Identifier) is an unique code that is mandatory for all legal entities operating on financial markets and standardises the global identification of parties in financial transactions, reducing systemic risk and increasing transparency. 

InfoCamere manages over 165,000 LEI codes and is among the top 6 Local Operating Units (LOU) at world level, recognised for its high standard of reliability and excellence. It recently received the award for “Best-Performing LEI Issuer in the Large-Cap Category (more than 100,000 LEIs under management)” from the Gleif (Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation), an extremely significant recognition that attests InfoCamere’s efficiency in the supply of high quality services.

With the continual evolution of services and international expansion in mind, InfoCamere now also supports legal entities requiring a LEI Code in Germany, the United Kingdom and Luxembourg, using the “ID LEI” portal. The LEI Code activation, renewal and transfer process is fast, simple and secure, and the multi-channel help in the relevant language, managed by experienced staff, guarantees support during every phase of the process.

Further details of our services are attached herewith.

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