Inauguration of the Chamber’s New Offices

21st September 2021

The Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry for the UK (ICCIUK) is thrilled to announce the restyling of its London offices, the beating heart of its organisation. ICCIUK is delighted to share and celebrate this important day with its Members, Representatives of the Italian Institutions in London, and the Italian Press.

We have given our headquarters a completely new look with a contemporary purpose: to create a collaborative space where you can meet, socialise, and do business. Our offices now offer a conference room, several meeting rooms, and hot desks where we will be able to host visiting members, schedule one-to-one meetings, organise events, and much more.

Alessandro Belluzzo, President of The Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry for the UK said:

“Part of our new strategy affects our London Headquarters, the heart of our organisation. We want to provide our members with a collaborative space they can call their second home: an environment where they can meet, socialise, do business thanks to the many services and initiatives run by the Chamber.”

The restyling of the office interiors also provided a unique showcasing opportunity to celebrate some of the best of Made in Italy. We have worked alongside five outstanding brands – Kristalia, Lapalma, Martex, Quadrifoglio and Poltrona Frau – who generously supported our restyling by furnishing each key area of our six floors with the excellence of Italian design.

The project was conceived and coordinated by Daniel Gava, a design industry professional based in London with an extensive knowledge of both the local and Italian design industries. Daniel Gava, project curator, said:

“A fantastic opportunity for both the Chamber and design companies, who collaborated on this project, to work as a team to promote cooperation, networking, excellence and to strengthen even further the strategic link between Italy and the UK market.”

 The styling was curated by Attilio Cabianca, an established interior architect with a vast experience in commercial fit-out design. Attilio Cabianca, interior architect said:

“Working with such great companies and their brilliant products made my job quite easy. I am sure the Chamber is now perceived as a contemporary office environment where workflow will be easier and more productive”.