Aperio Intelligence – ESG: With Covid-19, social risks are the new climate change

Just a few weeks ago corporations were preparing hard for the AGM season and, with it, some rigorous questioning from shareholders on their environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance. In the social bracket, investors’ concerns around gender diversity on boards and executive pay and pensions were set to top the bill, while environmental proposals largely […]

Covid-19 and the ‘Ndrangheta: a frail symbiotic relationship

Over the past month, it has become popular opinion that organised crime groups (OCGs) across Europe may benefit from the coronavirus pandemic. In particular, Covid-19 has been heralded as an opportunity for OCGs in Italy, where the disease has prompted the Government to release 376 mafia affiliates from prison, and where mortality rates have increased […]

Campari Group – Shaken not Broken Fund

We are proud to announce that our Member Campari UK have launched their Shaken not Broken Fund today to support front-line workers in the hospitality industry in light of the COVID-19 pandemic – and have kicked this off with a £100,000 donation. You can find out more information online here and the full press release is attached below. With an estimated […]