Campari Group – Shaken not Broken Fund

We are proud to announce that our Member Campari UK have launched their Shaken not Broken Fund today to support front-line workers in the hospitality industry in light of the COVID-19 pandemic – and have kicked this off with a £100,000 donation.

You can find out more information online here and the full press release is attached below. With an estimated half of the UK’s hospitality staff not in work, Campari UK is committed to supporting those who have been devasted by the crisis and are now facing severe economic hardship.

Joining forces with The Drinks Trust and TipJar, Campari UK is inviting people across the country to donate to support their local hospitality community, with all contributions going directly to front-line hospitality workers in their chosen area. 
The Drinks Trust – the drinks industry charity – will administer the funds to those who need them, focusing on three key areas:

  • Financial assistance; monetary grants for those struggling with hardship
  • Educational grants; for those looking to train and increase their employment opportunities post COVID-19
  • Wellbeing grants; including therapy services, sleep and insomnia treatment, and mindful drinking advice

Donations can be made and more information found at this link. For anyone wishing to apply for funds you can found out more at this link.

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