Marchio Ospitalità Italiana

“Made in Italy” has always been one of the most widely known brands, a synonym of beauty and high quality.

Marchio Ospitalità Italiana is a certification of excellence promoted by Isnart (Istituto Nazionale Ricerche Turistiche) and by the Italian Chambers of Commerce, which aims at elevating Italian quality around the globe by assessing the range of accommodation and hospitality of Italian businesses abroad.

The history
Marchio Ospitalitá Italiana was founded in 1997 for the Italian HORECA sector, with the intent of promoting good customer care as well as the delivery of a high-quality service.
In 2007, thanks to Unioncamere, Marchio Ospitalità Italiana was extended to Italian restaurants abroad, which had to meet the high standards of Italian hospitality culture and cuisine in order to gain the certification. Later on, the project received the support of several other Italian organisations, such as The Ministry of Cultural Affairs, The Ministry of Agricultural and Forestry Affairs and The Ministry of Tourism.

Marchio Ospitalità Italiana today
Nowadays there are thousands of Italian restaurateurs worldwide who want to share their love and passion for the authentic Italian food with their customers. Marchio Ospitalitá Italiana carefully selects and encourages these ambassadors, conveying the real Italian food culture overseas. 

Why trust Marchio Ospitalità Italiana?
The selection criteria of Marchio Ospitalità Italiana’s ambassadors fully reflect the values and culinary culture of the Bel Paese, in the effort to allow customers to live a 100% genuine Italian experience.
The Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry for the UK is the exclusive managing authority of this certification in the UK.
The Chamber believes that Marchio Ospitalità Italiana carries a great opportunity for Italian businesses looking out to foreign markets around the world, promoting genuine Italian agri-food products in respect of the high-quality standards indicated by the certification itself.

To view the list of British restaurants which have already obtained the Marchio Ospitalità Italiana certification, please visit the project’s website.

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