PRESS RELEASE: We Must Be Ready to Prepare Our Defences Against Coronavirus

It is not easy to recognise the perfect prevention timing when it comes to the international spread of a virus.The situation, especially in Italy, is showing first how deeply populations and countries are connected nowadays, and also how it is affecting all the sectors of our societies.Everyday flights from/to Italy, now only partially suspended, cross boarding business interests and the economy of every State to be maintained ongoing.These are all aspects to be considered, but above all the Government is considering the agencies that will have to deal with a widespread outbreak, principally the NHS. These must be ready.Rishi Sunak, the Chancellor, said his budget on Wednesday would be designed to ensure resilience in the system to stop the pressures of dealing with an epidemic becoming too great for the NHS to bear. But the economic response is as critical as the medical.An emergency legislation will be published this week, giving us an idea of where the Government plans to balance the competing needs of defeating the virus and keeping the country running.For sure the Italian case shows us that we must be prepared and good timing is crucial.

More updates will follow.