Master in International Hotel Management | Budapest

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Are you aiming to acquire solid and focused competences to specialize yourself in one or more sectors of the hospitality industry?

Do you want the real opportunity to start/consolidate a brilliant career in international and luxury hotel chains?

If your answer is yes, apply for our Master in International Hotel Management (6th edition), take advantage of receiving one of the 5 available scholarships and start working for our luxury partner hotels!



Budapest is becoming one of the most attractive European capitals, growing extremely both from business and tourism prospective. As a matter of fact, the global market has started to seek for talented resources developing a new concept and vision of the fascinating hospitality world. The Master in International Hotel Management aims to teach participants various skills, such as professional, methodological, problem-solving, social and management skills applied in the hospitality industry. The capability to have a global vision and respond effectively to a market changing constantly is nowadays essential and a key success factor for every person having challenging aspirations, mostly for those targeting managerial roles. The Master is structured with an innovative approach that reflects the dynamic nature of the international management of luxury hotel chains. The Programme will enhance participants’ knowledge in diverse aspects of hospitality management and provide them with the specific tools, skills and perspectives needed to successfully work for high-class hotels.


Start date: 7th June 2021


  • Lecture period: 7 th – 25th June 2021 (140 hours, 3 weeks, 5 days a week, including guided tours of some Partner Hotels and Workshops on specific case studies)
  • Internship period (after the lecture period):
    • Between 3 and 6 months, depending on the students preferences and hotels needs
    • Only in Luxury Hotels of International Chains
    • Facilitated by our Career Center

Maximum number of participants: 10

Application deadline: when the maximum number of selected candidates is reached

Venue: BUDAPEST (1093 Budapest, Lónyay utca 18/a)

Language: English

Tuition Fee: GBP 2,200 + VAT (20%) for:

  • Personalized internship assignment support depending on the participants’ desire/need
  • Possibilities of: accommodation during the internship period and/or refund of expenditures (granted to 95% of the past students)
  • Meals during the internship hours
  • Full-time job offer to the majority of our students after the internship in one of our Partner Hotels in Europe (90% of the past students were offered full-time & permanent job)
  • Lectures with active learning teaching methods
  • Lessons material in digital format
  • Guided tours of some Partner Hotels and related meeting with hotel managers
  • Professional development workshops
  • Coaching sessions and general assistance held by the Master’s Tutor
  • Certificate of Participation at the Master in International Hotel Management issued by the Italian Chamber of Commerce & Industry for UK (80% attendance is required)
  • Accommodation search service for the lecture period and related offer with a preferential price (this is an opportunity, but our Chamber of Commerce is not involved)

Scholarships or Discounts, covering up to 30% of the tuition fee and include VAT, are granted with the following criteria:

Scholarships: A limited number of 5 scholarships of GBP 450 for each participant, financed by our sponsors, are assigned based on the chronological order of admission (30%) and application evaluation score (70%). The scholarship will be granted with the average minimum score of 70/100.

Discount: To promote diversity, inclusion and international profile of the Master, if you suggest a friend of yours to apply for the Master and both of you will be admitted to it, you will receive a discount of GBP 770 and your friend of GBP 590. You can always suggest the Master also after your potential admission in this case, GBP 770 will be refunded you. Your suggestion/s must be officially communicated to our Italian Chamber of Commerce via email, by providing your friend’s name and surname.


Full immersion at 360 degrees on how to successfully manage international luxury hotels:
Strategic Marketing, Sales Management, Events & Conferences Management, Assets Management, Front Office Coordination, Food & Beverage Supervisory, Accounting & Finance, Human Resources Management, Customer Relationship Management, Leadership & Coaching, Quality & Business Development, Hospitality Law.
The contents of each module are not taught generally, but the focus is specifically on their application in the different hotel management fields.

Academic staff

The lecturers are senior professionals operating in the sectors taught in the Master at managerial level who are contributing day-by-day to the international success of their corporations. Thanks to their high-level profiles, they will be able to provide the participants with the most modern vision of the given hotel management working field.


Internship Hotel Partners

Admission requirements

At least one of them to be met:

  • High school/university students with major in tourism, languages, marketing or social & economic science.
  • Professionals with hospitality background, but willing to specialize in other areas offered by the Master.
  • Candidates who demonstrate the inclination and motivation to start a career in these diversified areas, although they do not operate in the hospitality industry yet.

For candidates or enrolled students with extra-EU citizenship, our Chamber of Commerce does not provide consultancy for the eventual typology of required visa, nor assistance for the eventual issuance. Own embassy/consulate in Hungary should be contacted, because different conditions apply to different extra-EU countries citizens. Our Chamber of Commerce will provide Acceptance Letter and Tuition Fee Receipt Letter.

Application process

Please send via e-mail:

An additional telephone interview, to be held in English, might be required. The candidate will be informed by e-mail within 2 working days if his/her application was successful and the possible eligibility for receiving the scholarship of GBP 450 or the abovementioned discount. The admitted candidates to the Master Programme have to pay a first installment of GBP 680 + VAT (20%) within 2 days from the admission confirmation e-mail. The second and last installment must be paid within 20 days from the admission confirmation e-mail, or by 21st May 2021 in case of admission confirmation e-mail received after 1st May 2021.

Please find hereinafter a summary of the 3 options composing the Master fee.

(Currency: GBP + VAT (20%)

First installment

Second and Last installment

Total fee

 Full fee




 Fee with scholarship



 Fee with 30% discount



All payments shall be executed in EUR currency (1 GBP = 1.1 EUR) in favour of:

Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry for the UK
IBAN code: GB45 BUKB 2036 8865 2478 66
Please send the screenshot or the scanned copy of the executed payments via e-mail.


Take the opportunity to check some photos and testimonials of the Master’s last edition!

What’s after the Master?

Full-time job offer to the majority of our students after the internship in one of our Partner Hotels in Europe (90% of the past students were offered full-time & permanent job).
Furthermore, we always maintain strong relationships with our alumni over the years, by keeping them informed on a regular basis and through preferential channels about new job opportunities that arise at our hotel partners.

Why apply to this Master?

  • Real working opportunities immediately after the internship period, thanks to our network of Partner Hotels in Budapest, London and Italy
  • International experience with valuable internship in famous luxury hotels
  • Interactive learning with focused lectures, teamworks, workshops and guided tours
  • Certificate issued by a qualified institution internationally recognized
  • Scholarships or discounts covering 30% of the tuition fee
  • During the internship, meals and possibilities of: accommodation and/or refunds
  • Master language: English

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Master’s coordinator in Budapest

The Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry for the UK
1, Princes Street Londra W1B 2AY
Tel. +44 207 495 8191
Fax +44 207 495 8194