London: The Italian Chamber of Commerce, an effective and trustworthy support for Italian companies in the UK

Radio One London interviewed President Alessandro Belluzzo

By Staff Italoeuropeo – February 9, 2022 [translated]

London – The Italian Chamber of Commerce in London has a very long history of around 150 years supporting Italian companies in the UK.

Over the years the Chamber has always been alongside businesses to promote Made in Italy in Great Britain and create connections with the British people who appreciate Italian culture and businesses.

Times pass, the roots are always the same, but the dress changes, it is renewed and this is an important point for Chamber of Commerce: knowing how to improve and keep up with modern times to continue its historical mission in supporting Italian companies.

During the interview, the President of the Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry for the United Kingdom, Av. Alessandro Belluzzo explains the internal renovations of the Chamber starting with its new, larger and more modern offices that are ready to embrace the needs of Italian entrepreneurs.

The new work spaces will be available for businesses and entrepreneurs who come to London and cannot afford to pay for an expensive office; the new spaces constitute also a great opportunity to meet other people in a stimulating place, aimed at doing business.

Brexit should not be seen as an obstacle, Belluzzo stated, rather as an opportunity: “every change is an opportunity”.

There are still many large Italian companies and start-ups that still believe in Great Britain, and the Italian Chamber of Commerce in London is ready to give them confidence, a friendly handshake in building the business in the best possible way and presenting it to a very competitive market.

The new spaces of the Chamber are designed by Italian architects, and completed in order to make the workplace comfortable and aimed at bringing out the best of Italian creativity that has always accompanied Italians in the world.