Webinar: The future of the City of London, post pandemic

The Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry for the UK is pleased to invite its members to the next Council of Foreign Chambers of Commerce (CFCC) webinar titled “The future of the City of London, post pandemic” with outgoing Sheriffs of the City of London, Michael Mainelli and Chris Hayward.

During their 2-year tenure the City has seen profound changes and unprecedented challenges. Initially, there was Brexit, and concerns over how the break between the UK and Europe would affect the City’s standing as a global centre for financial services. Then, the pandemic came along, closing shops and businesses and causing thousands of daily commuters to work from home instead.

The worst effects of the pandemic may be coming to an end now, and for many life is tentatively returning to a semblance of normality, but some of the changes seem bound to have a lasting impact, particularly on the demand for office space and property values.

Mike and Chris will talk about the foundations they have laid and share some of the trials, tribulations and achievements they experienced in their double year in office, how it feels suddenly not to be in office and what their future plans might be within the City governance.

Looking forward, the speakers will explore what the focus for the City will be and if it will retain its position as the leading global financial services centre. Will the people return and what will happen to real estate? Where will we be in one year and five years’ time – will there be scars or new growth?

This event is free, but booking is essential. Links will be sent out in the 24 hours prior to the event.

To register please RSVP to Jasmin at jcuppone@italchamind.org.uk

Virtual event
Jasmin Cuppone