Talented Young Italians Awards 2022

Thanks to the consolidated success of past editions, the Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry for the UK, in collaboration with the Italian Embassy in London and the Talented Italians in the UK Association, is pleased to announce the ninth edition of the “Talented Young Italians” Awards.

The aim of this award is to bring to public attention the individuals who have succeeded in their endeavours in the UK, at the same time keeping a link with Italy and fostering exchanges between the two countries.

The application process will be coordinated by the Chamber of Commerce with the aid of Italian professional and academic associations in the UK, and with the contribution of the Italian community at large. A committee of senior representatives, covering the different categories of awards, will choose the winners.

The most distinguished individuals will be awarded in each of the following categories

– Finance and Services;

– Industry and Commerce;

– Research and Innovation;

– Media and Communication;

– Charity.

Requirements for the award are as follows: 

• Under 40 years of age (by 31st December 2022)

• UK resident

• Holding a role of high visibility and responsibility in her/his field of activity in the UK

• Maintaining a connection with Italy

The judges will be:

 Roberto Buizza, scientific attache’, Italian Embassy in London;

– Marco Niada, former journalist and expert in media and communication;

– Brunello Rosa, CEO and Head of Research, Rosa & Roubini and President of Talented Italians in UK Association;

– Leonardo Simonelli Santi, President Emeritus of the Italian Chamber of Commerce for the UK and Talented Italians in UK Association.

Applications must reach the Chamber of Commerce by 27th November 2022 and must include the candidate’s CV, complete with a reference letter (either in English or in Italian) written by an individual who must explain the reasons for their endorsement. 

As always the winners will be part of the Talented Italians in the UK Association.

Please contact Carolina Sanfratello (csanfratello@italchamind.org.uk) for further information and to apply as a candidate.

The event will be held on 12th January 2023 (by invitation only).

Carolina Sanfratello