Export Hub Firenze | The UK Market (Food)

This is the first webinar of the ExportHub Firenze project, a series of free online seminars that will cover different sectors on the most important markets for Florence businesses.
The UK produces just over half of the food consumed on its territory and imports over 80% of raw materials. Among the main suppliers of agri-food products is the European Union with 26%, followed by Africa, Asia, North and South America.
In 2019, Italy ranked fourth among the countries that export the most to the UK in the agri-food sector, with a value of € 2.12 billion.
During the webinar, we will talk about the current situation of the country and the trade exchanges with Italy, analysing the scenario determined by Covid and Brexit. We will also cover the new trends and opportunities, type of consumers, distribution channels and market approach advice for the agri-food sector. 

10.00 am – opening by PromoFirenze

10.10 am – speech by Davide Bargna, Project Manager & Scotland Representative

10.40 am – speech by Roberto Costa, CEO of RC Group and Director of our Chamber of Commerce

10.50 am – Q&A

Virtual event