Educational Career Workshop (Scotland)

After the successful event of last year, the Scottish Branch of the Italian Chamber of Commerce for the United Kingdom is happy to sponsor our member Margherita Saccà, psychologist and counselor, organising a new educational workshop, focused on the academia.

The workshop is addressed to Italians working in the academia field in Scotland, at post-doc level or similar.


Working in the academia – among satisfactions, difficulties and strenuous achievements – often means facing a certain sense of uncertainty for the future, having to periodically re-plan paths and reflect on or question goals, desires, and resources. To work on your own professional and personal development, with motivation and aspirations, you need to stay focused and build on your strengths, as well as your desires, taking into account practical aspects and work-life balance.


  • The exploration and identification of strengths, skills, and personal qualities;
  • The identification of motivations, desires, and professional aspirations;
  • Analysis of the UK context, also considering the rest of Europe and overseas;
  • Formulation of a career plan for the ideal profession, in the short and long term, which takes into account the above factors, as well as the work-life balance.


  • 09:45 Registration
  • 10:00 Opening session
  • 12:00 Break
  • 12:30 Continuation of work
  • 14:00 Question time
  • 14:30 Work closes

Few places available. Tickets are free but mandatory. 

Virtual event
9:45 BST