Brexit – the consequences on freight movements

The Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry for the UK is glad to take part in this forthcoming webinar taking place on Wednesday 24 February 2021 (08.30 – 11.30 AM GMT) focusing on the consequences of Brexit on freight movements starting from 1 January 2021. The event is organised by Camera di Commercio di Torino (Section Sviluppo Competitività e Internazionalizzazione) and Unioncamere Piemonte (Europe Desk for Camere di Commercio del Piemonte – Enterprise Europe Network), in collaboration with Unioncamere nazionale and the Turin Office of Agenzia Dogane e Monopoli.


08.30 Introduction
08.40 Enterprise Europe Network’s services in support of businesses (Monica May, ALPS Enterprise Europe Network from Camera di Commercio di Torino)
8.50 Brexit: what has changed? – An overall view (Davide Bargna, Project Manager & Brexit Desk Coordinator from The Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry for the UK)
9.30 Customs changes: managing import-export operations (Anna D’Agnelli, Pia Chiara Litto, Turin Office of Agenzia Dogane e Monopoli)
10.30 The impact of Brexit on the Chambers of commerce’s export documents (Alessandra Procesi, Unioncamere nazionale)
11.00 Q&A session

How to participate:

Participation is free. Online reservation can be done through the Piemontedesk platform by 23/02/202. One day before the event, participants will receive an e-mail with the Webex link through which they will have access to the webinar.

For more information on the event, please contact Camera di commercio di Torino, Section “Sviluppo competitività e internazionalizzazione”, ALPS Enterprise Europe Network (tel. 011 5716342; e-mail

Virtual event