Artificial Intelligence between Research and Industry

In collaboration with the Italian Institute of Culture in Edinburgh and the Consulate General of Italy for Scotland and Northern Ireland, our Scotland Office has organised this webinar focusing on the artificial intelligence sector, covering both research and its application in the industrial field and moderated by Alessandro Vinciarelli (University of Glasgow).

There is no doubt that, in the last years, Artificial Intelligence has left research laboratories and universities to become part of our everyday landscape. Such a process has been possible thanks to the interaction between academia, where the main driver is intellectual curiosity, and industry, where the goal is to satisfy market needs. Further progress will not be possible unless such an interaction continues and, in particular, unless academic research remains free to pursue long-term intellectual interests (the only way to make substantial progress in science and technology), while industry is provided with appropriate channels to benefit from research advances. The speakers of the event have successfully worked, in different roles, to make the dialogue between industry and academia successful:

  • Marco Cristani (University of Verona)
  • Rita Cucchiara (University of Modena and Reggio Emilia)
  • Alessio Del Bue (Italian Institute of Technology)
  • Olivia Gambelin (Ethical AI)
  • Vittorio Murino (University of Verona and Huawei)
  • Stefan Raue (Arceptive)

They will share their experience and, while updating us about the latest advances in some of the most important areas of AI, they will provide important indications on how to foster mutually beneficial dialogue between research and industry.

Virtual event
18:00 GMT
Davide Bargna